Clubs in Barrio del Carmen

BEST Clubs in Barrio del Carmen

This is one of the most trendy areas of Valencia and especially at night.  Many of the clubs in  Barrio del Carmen are in or around Calle Caballeros which is overflowing with bars, clubs and restaurants.

Calle Bolsería, 41
One of the most popular and trendy bars/clubs – live music from jazz to hip-hop.

Cafe Lisboa
Plaza Dr Collado, 9
Open all day till very late this is one of the most popular cafes in Valencia and is a great place to start your night out. Have a drink on the terrace under the lovely old oak tree and enjoy a variety of tapas and salads.

Cafe Oasis
Roteros, 26
Tue-Sun 7pm-1.30am (closed Mondays)
Very bohemian small cafe/bar which attracts an artistic and intellectual crowd.

The Lounge/Irish Pub/Bar
Estameria Vieja, 2
Everyday from lunchtime 1.30am/Sat opens 5-6pm
Happy Hours 8.30pm-9.30pm Mon-Fri (Internet access & wirelss)
Great place to meet up with friends of all nationalities. Small, cosy Irish pub.

Reloj Viejo, 6
Late night club which goes on all night with a mixture of age groups.

Carmen Suis Generis
Calle Caballeros, 38
Very up-market trendy bar and one of the best clubs in Barrio del Carmen which is spread over three floors.

Cafe Negrito – Night Cafe
Plaza de Negrito
Every day from 3pm-3.30am
Welcoming ambience where you can enjoy a drink and chat until late in the morning.

Johnny Maracas
Calle Caballeros, 39
One of the most popular clubs in Barrio del Carmen. It has everything from flamenco to Spanish pop.

Radio City
Santa Teresa, 19
Very popular and friendly – two bars, pool table and darts + live music! Flamenco on Tuesday and disco at weekends.

Cafe Glace
Calle Angel Custodio, 1
Saturday & Sunday morning
Small club for those who want to stay up all night and keep going. Opens 8am-2pm.
Entrance 10 euros, includes one drink. Underground house, electro, trance.

La Lluna Roja
Calle Alta, 30
Very trendy and popular.

Fox Congo
Cabelleros, 35
House, R & B ang Garage at week-ends.

La Marxa
Cocinas, 5
Situated on 3 floors La Marxa is just off Calle de Caballeros and Calle de Serranos. Very popular nightclub with loud music and good atmosphere.

Cafè Infanta
Plaza Tossal, 3
Relaxing cafè and bar.

New Orlean’s Cafe
Bolseria, 20
Popular cafe which is open all day until 11.30am-midnight weekdays and weekends.

Music Box
C/ Pintor Zariñena nº 16
46003 Valencia

Free Entry, Except Friday and Saturday € 10 / cons. * 8 € / cons. discount.

The Music Box at the heart of Barrio del Carmen, Valencia. A club where musical eclecticism becomes the protagonist. The Music Box, is a blend of styles and periods of infinite sounds, where classical, avant-garde and pop come together. For music lovers who dance until dawn.

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