Working in Spain

Working in Spain

There are many TV programs  highlighting  how the majority of people who head for sunnier shores have no regrets with many wishing they had only done it sooner.

Even if it means not making so much money, the long sunny days and cheaper standard of living all add to the appeal of living in Spain.  However, since the economic downturn it’s not so easy to find work in Spain.


Ryan Air are looking to expand the payroll by 3,550 over the course of 2017 –  1,000 pilots, 250 aircraft engineers and 2,000 cabin crew members.

Cabin crew will be fully trained by Ryan Air (no previous experience required). The package includes major travel perks – register via the website or in person at the following times.  Valencia on 25 May and Madrid or Barcelona on 26 May  2017.  Find out more ~  Ryan Air Careers

Working in Spain ~ Summer Jobs

For single people it used to be much easier to find work in Spain as there are no family commitments. However, since the economic downturn these jobs are difficult to find so make sure you have enough money to tide you over for a couple of months.

The initial expense is to buy a cheap ticket to Spain, stay in a cheap hotel and look for work.

The best time to do this is during the summer as you may find work in the hospitality business eg hotel and catering

Families – Working In Spain

Those with families will try to secure a job before they arrive but many arrive in Spain with just enough money to keep them going for a few months.

The lucky ones find jobs but many find it very diffcult especially if they don’t speak Spanish.

Learning the language is important as it helps you integrate into society and really enjoy the benefits of living and working in Spain. The Spanish government offer affordable courses to learn Spanish in most towns and cities.

The construction industry was often the first port of call for many people looking for work but with the economic downturn affecting Spain as well as many other countries, the housing market is not what it used to be.

There are no prospects at the moment for those wanting to work in the construction industry in Spain so many people are choosing to work in bars or similar jobs.

Working in Spain ~ Self Employed ?

If you have enough capital you can always set up your own business, however, this can also be very risky.

You need to have done your research well and are able to offer something unique and not just another bar, of which there are many especially in the South of Spain.

Many families dream of becoming self-sufficient and living off the land.

Grow oranges and olives, write books and have weekly newspaper columns to supplement their income just as the family who moved to Catalunya did in the TV program and book No Going Back: Journey to Mother’s Garden.

Many other books such as the hugely successful A Year in Provence offer a lot of tips for those wishing to pursue this idyllic way of life but times are much harder now than they used to be.

Nonetheless, many of us still want to escape the gloomy grey skies of northern European countries and if you want to work in Spain you’ll find the majority of qualifications from EU countries are recognized.

Many people get jobs teaching English (TEFL) in Spain and if you don’t have a qualification there are many excellent short courses you can take whilst living in Spain. You can learn Spanish online or at the Spanish School in Valencia.

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