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Valencia Property in the City & Surrounding Areas

Valencia Property

Now is a great time to buy a Valencia property in the city or the surrounding area of this region of Spain.  Not so long ago it was a seller’s market with property prices rising by 30% or more but all that has changed.

valencia property

Now it’s a buyers market so a very good time to buy that place in the sun you’ve been dreaming about for the past few years.

One of the many benefits of buying an apartment in Valencia is that there’s no such thing as leasehold (only for business and commercial).

Everything else is FREEHOLD… so when you buy your apartment you have it for life!

It used to be very easy to get mortgages in Spain but not so easy now unless it’s a repossesion in which case you will often get a 100% mortgage.

There are many fantastic apartments and villas to buy in the surround areas,  so if you’re looking for a city pad or a villa by the sea this is definitely the time to buy.  For more information check out Buying a House in Valencia

Valencia Property ~ Try Before You Buy

To ‘dip your toe in the water’  is to try something before you buy and this is very true when buying property in Valencia.

It’s always a good idea to try living in the area for a few weeks so as to get to know what it’s really like.  Much better to do this than have regrets after buying the town-house, villa or apartment of your dreams.

There are many lovely apartments to rent in the city or by the sea.  If you rent for a month on a long let it will work out much cheaper than only staying for a week especially if it’s a one bedroom apartment.  You’ll also have more time to really get to know the place.

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You can find hotels and apartments in Valencia and the surrounding areas by using this link to 

You book online and then pay when you get here.

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