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valencia bikesValencia Bikes ~ VALENBISIAs

The city of Valencia runs an excellent bicycle service called Valenbisi.

Renting a bike in Valencia is popular and also very  healthy.

There are  2.750 bicycles distributed in 275 stations, in close proximity to each other, in different parts of the city.

Plan Your Route with Valencia Bikes ~ VALENBISI

You can plan your route by station by clicking on the station map to find the station nearest to your home.  Locate your position on the map and select your zone.  The list of stations and number of stands will be displayed on the screen.

Which Ticket?

Valencia Bikes –  Valenbisi can be used  on a long term hire card or you can buy a short term ticket (7 day ticket)  with a credit card.

Short Term Ticket

7daysWith the Short term Ticket you can make all the journeys you want with your bicycle during 7  consecutive days.

In the stations with credit card terminal you can buy  a weekly ticket (Short Term Ticket).  You just need your credit card and follow the instructions indicated on the screen and the dataphone.

Attention: Provide a legal responsible authorization for users between 16 and 18 years of age to register.

  • Weekly Hire Ticket fee: 13,30 €.
  • First ½ hour of use: free.
  • 30 to 60 minutes: 1,04 € every 30 extra minutes.
  • Every 60 extra minutes: 3,12 € for every 60 extra minutes.

Valencia Bikes ~ How Does Valenbisi Work ?

What-to-do-to-get-a-bicycleTo use a Valenbis bicycles you just go to a terminal and log on using your Long Term Hire Card or your associated ticket (Mobilis), enter your PIN code and select an available bicycle on your screen.

For subscribers of short length, once you have retired the card in one of the terminals fitted out for this purpose, you just have to enter your code, choose the bicycle you want and start using it.

The first time you use your Associated Long Term Card, just swipe it over the reader and enter the code provided in Valenbisi website.   For your safety –  from the terminal to the station you then have 60 seconds to press the unlocking button on the stand of the bicycle you have chosen to remove the bicycle.

Valencia Bikes ~ Returning the bicycle

Valencia BikesWhen you have completed your journey, simply locate the bicycle in the nearest station with available stands.

An audio signal on the stand confirms that the bicycle is locked correctly and your usage is complete.

Attention: Always check your bycycle is locked correctly. If it is is not, the system will keep on counting as it were still running.  If you’re unable to lock your bicycle correctly, try again at another available stand, failing that contact the Call Centre at 902 006 598.


You can take your bike on most of the transport in town which makes things a lot easier.

You can also take a bike tour of Valencia City and another  of the City of Arts and Sciences and the Albufera (see below).

You can also learn about BIci-Club Valenci – Día de la Bicicleta (Cycling Day in Valencia). On the day of the race the route around Valencia is blocked off and everyone joins in this great cycling event.

Valencia Bike Tour

Cycle to the stunning City of Arts And Sciences

valenciabiketourDiscover Valencia’s streets, squares, monuments and most important historical sites the fun way.

Pedal through old and new Valencia and its gardens. Visit the unique Turia Gardens, created in a former riverbed and pedal past Valencia’s historical monuments, buildings, palaces, and universities.

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Valencia Bike Tours

Explore Valencia by Night: 2-Hour Night Bike Tour

valenciaatnightDiscover Valencia by night and ride through the city’s popular plazas. You can enjoy a 20-minute ride through the amazing Turia Gardens and finish the night off with a glass of local beer at a typical Spanish pub.

The tour starts in the heart of  the old town, at the beautiful Plaza de la Virgen.  On your way you pass Valencia Cathedral then cross over Plaza de la Reina – take a few photos and it’s then onto the Turia Gardens.

What’s Included:

• Bike rental for 24 hours
• Drink
• Padlock and helmet
• Guide

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Valencia Tours

Albufera Bike Tour from Valencia

albuferaThe Albufera Bike Tour takes you outside Valencia, cycling along the coast and partly inlands, towards the beautiful Natural Park of Albufera south of the city.

Leave the old city of Valencia and descend into the Turia Gardens, where the river used to flow toward the City of Arts and Sciences. Ride  through the park, cross a bridge, and keep going until you end up in the little town of El Palmar. Take a relaxing boat trip from here to explore the lagoon. Finish the tour with paella, a Valencian specialty.

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Transport in Valencia

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Valencia City

Valencia Beach

Valencia Travel

Valencia Airport


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