Districts Valencia Spain

Districts Valencia Spain ~ Neighborhoods (Barrios) of Valencia

Districts Valencia Spain

plaza de la reina ~ valencia old town ~ districts of valenciaTo get to know the districts of Valencia,  it’s a good idea to take a look at a map of Valencia before you arrive .  A  streetmap is  callejero  in Spanish so if you don’t have time to buy one, visit one of the many tourist offices in town, at the airport or by the beach.

Valencia has many districts and each district has a variety of neighborhoods (barrios). The following are some of the most visited barrios in Valencia.

Districts Valencia Spain

Ensanche (L’Eixample)

plazadelayuntamientoThe Eixample district of Valencia includes the barrios of  El Pla del Remei,  Gran Via and Ruzafa.

El Pla del Remei

elcorteinglesvalencia El Pla del Remei is a very upmarket area where many of the best designers shops,  El Corte Inglés and Mercado Colón are located.

Porta de la Mar
Puerta de la Mar

Streets in this neighborhood include  Calle Colón,  Cirilo Amoros, Conde Salvatierra, Martinez Ferrando and Jorge Juan.

The Glorieta Park is next to  the impressive Puerta de la Mar which is just a few yards from the Turia Gardens.  From here you can easily walk to the Old Town  (Ciutat Vella  district)  where many of the top attractions are located.


apartmentinvalenciaThe up-and-coming neighborhood Ruzafa is  just behind Estación del Norte  (Estació del Nord).

This popular area has a buzzing atmosphere, a wide range of ethnic shops and abundance of affordable bars, restaurants and clubs.  Don’t miss the Ruzafa market at Plaça del Barón de Cortes.

Districts Valencia Spain

Ciutat Vella (OldTown)

Ciutat Vella is in the center of Valencia and the most popular to visit. It includes the following barrios –  La Seu, La Xerea, El Carmen, El Pilar, El Mercado and San Francisco.

Barrio La Seu (Cathedral Area)

cathedral of valencia

La Seu is the area where the Catedral de Valencia ( Cathedral of Valencia)  is located (front entrance in  Plaza de la Reina).

Close by is El Miguelete and a few yards away  in Plaza de la Virgin is Apostles Door.  The Cathedral has the oldest museum in the city (Sala Capitular) containing the Holy Chalice of Valencia.

In Plaza de la Virgen you will also find the beautiful  Basilica de la Virgin de los Desamparados who is one of the Patron Saints of Valencia.

 El Carmen (Barrio del Carmen)

barriodelcarmenstreetsBarrio del Carmen (el Carmen)  is situated in the north east of the Ciutat Vella (old town district).

Peaceful during the day and pulsating with life at night this is one of the most popular areas in Valencia.


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Valencia Districts Spain  

La Saïdia

The district of La Saïdia includes the barrios of  Marxalenes, Morvedre, Trinitat, Tormos and Sant Antoni.

trampontdefustaAlthough on the other side of the Turia Gardens, it can be reached via the following bridges from Barrio del Carmen –  Pont de Serranos and Pont de Fusta (see Valencia Bridges).

The tram  stop at Pont de Fusta will  take you to the  beach.

Valencia Districts Spain

Pla del Real

The Valencia district of Pla del Real includes the  barrios of  Exposició, Mestalla, Jaume Roig, Ciutat Universitària.  The Viveros Gardens (Jardines de Real )  separate these barrios  from La Saïdia.

Barrio de la Exposició

calatrava /exposicion bridge valenciaThe Exposicion (Calatrava)  Bridge (Pont de l’Exposicio)  links this popular district to the shopping area of Colón.

On your way you will pass the Glorieta square and a large arch. This leads onto Calle de lavalencia city Pau, Plaza de la Reina and el Carme.

Exposicio is a lovely area with many local shops and restaurants where you can relax in pavement cafes.   Not far away is the barrio of  Mestalla where the Valencia football stadium is located.

Next to El Pla del Real and Exposicio are  the barrios of Mestalla, Blasco Ibáñez and Aragon.

Avenida (Avenguda) Blasco Ibáñez is a very long avenue leading down to the maritime district and barrio de  Cabanyal.

The main University area (Ciutat Universitària) is at the top of this road, and as the name suggests,  is full of universities. There are also many apartment blocks , restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Districts Valencia Spain

Poblats Maritims (Maritime Villages)

The Poblats Maritims Barrios include La Malva-rosa / Beteró / El Cabanyal-Canyamelar / El Grau / Natzaret

Barrio Cabanyal

valencia beachAt the end of Avenida Blasco Ibáñez is the old maritime fishing neighborhood of Cabanyal. Not far away is the city beach of Las Arenas.

The plans to extend Avenida  Blasco Ibáñez down to the seafront have met with much opposition as the homes would be bulldozed away.

For many years the Old Quarter of Valencia was surrounded by a wall.  The fishing and port area of Valencia were considered dangerous and poor and not part of the city.  Although it’s only a ten minute tram ride away from the city, you get the feeling they are still separate.

Districts Valencia Spain 

The Port Area & America’s Cup

americascupvalenciaThe maritime and port districts of Valencia have undergone enormous change due to the Americas Cup which was held here in Valencia in 2007.

Avenida del Puerto has been widened and is now a huge one way street.

This leads down to the Port and Americas Cup Village.

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