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'Battle of Tomatoes'

La Tomatina Festival VALENCIA

30 August 2006... always held last wednesday in August

La Tomatina festival Valencia is held every year in the town of Buñol which is a short journey away from the city of Valencia. It's held on the last Wednesday in August so this year it will be held on 30 August 2006.

For those coming to this crazy and very bizarre event make sure you wear something old. Even better, bring a change of clothes and a pair of goggles so you can have more fun!

The days events begin with a whole ham being tied to a greased pole and you guessed it! Before the event begins, someone must retrieved the ham.

This is followed by absolute mayhem when millions of tons of tomatoes are released from the backs of trucks. What follows is an absolute orgy of tomatoe, water and shirt fights - all in good fun!

The event is free and starts at 11.00am. Before coming it's a good idea to check out La Tomatina Festival Valencia website which has a lot of very useful information.

Even better, check out website and click on La Tomatina video for this year or last. This will give you a preview of what's in store!

The origin of this fun-filled event began during a festival in 1945 in the town square of Buñol.

The procession included many 'Gigantes y Cabezudos' (giant carnival figures with grotesque heads) and everyone was having fun. Many of the young people tried to join those at the head of the procession and in their haste someone fell.

The scuffles that followed spilled over into an enormous brawl and an open crate of tomatoes (which just 'happened' to be there) proved too tempting - the rest is history!

The young people of Buñol repeated the 'battle of tomatoes' the following year and although the authorities tried to stop it they had no choice but to give in.

The event ignited so much passion from the surrounding areas that everyone came to join in the fun.

The town of Buñol is now well and truly on the map. People flock from all over the world to enjoy this annual festival of slush and fun which really is a child's (and many adults!) dream come true.

Safety Tips for La Tomatina Festival Valencia
There are a few safe-guards such as a set of rules which all participants must respect and abide by.

For example, 'tomatoes must be crushed before being thrown so they can't hurt anybody'.

Estación del Norte

La Tomatina Festival Valencia
The town of Buñol is easily reached from Estació del Nord which is in the centre of Valencia.

It's a good idea to get there as early as possible so as not to miss the fun.

Trains can get very crowded and run approximately every hour to Buñol.

If you need any more information on trains check out the website.

For a very enjoyable account of La Tomatina read Louis de Bernières short story in 'Travelers' Tales SPAIN', appropriately named 'Seeing Red'.

We'd love to know how you enjoyed La Tomatina Festival Valencia so please feel free to send your messages (and pics) to our 'Contact Us' page.


Hotels/Rooms for La Tomatina Festival Valencia

The following hotels are just a stones throw away from Estació del Nord in the centre of town.

Venecia Hotel Venecia Hotel
This really is one of the best 2 star hotels you'll find in Valencia. Located directly overlooking Plaza del Ayuntamiento and a few minutes from the station, shops and restaurants and clubs of Valencia - modern rooms and excellent buffet breakfast.

Sorolla Hotel Sorolla Hotel
The 3 star Hotel Sorolla is very well located right in the city centre. It's in a pedestrian area and 200 metres from the main railway station of Valencia. It's surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants.

Hotel Hus Llar Hotel Husa Llar
Set in Calle Colon which is one of Valencia's most popular and trendy shopping areas the Hus Llar is just a few minutes away from the restaurants, bars and clubs and the railway station.

Hotel Vincci Lys Hotel Vincci Lys
4 Star | Avenida Martinez, VALENCIA,
Located in the centre of Valencia and just a two minute walk from the train station and Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The Vincci Lys Hotel is situated on a quite pedestrian street and surrounded by all kinds of shops, restaurants and buildings of cultural interest.

Conqueridor Hotel Conqueridor
Located in the city centre, just three minutes from the railway station and Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Restaurant and cafe, where you can enjoy Valencian cuisine. By car, taxi or by bus, on the road to the city centre.

Melia Plaza Hotel Hotel Melia Plaza
The Meliá Plaza is situated in the heart of Valencia and only 5 minutes by foot from the main train station. The city's famous central market and shops and restaurants surround the hotel.

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